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Beetroot Boast!

Well, I can’t help myself. I have to put up some photos of our fabulous beetroot harvest! We rent a little plot of land to grow vegetables in Ryokami, a 15 minute drive away, because we cannot grow veggies in our garden. The monkeys would eat them all.

We planted the beetroot at the beginning of April, just after planting the potatoes, and started harvesting in mid-June. We ate some of the beetroot leaves too. Very handy!

Detroit red beetroot

Detroit red beetroot

June harvest:

Beetroot and the beetroot leaves in the vase

Beetroot and the beetroot leaves in the vase

Still harvesting and pickling in August

Still harvesting and pickling in August

This is the tip of the iceberg! More beetroot yet to pickle!

Just some of our beetroot pickles

Just some of our beetroot pickles

I cannot interest my local Japanese friends in the beetroot though. They have never seen it before and don’t like the color or taste. But it is so much fun to grow, and was one of the vegetables I missed in Japan.

My garlic were much more favorably received though……And that was a mega-harvest too.  Ciao for now!

a little garlic boast

a little garlic boast


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Pickled beetroot, tomatoes, sunflowers

By overwhelming demand, I bring you a photo of Chichibu’s first pastel pink pickled beetroot. The pastel colour was achieved by mixing Heirlom with Bull’s Blood.

pastel pink beetroot with friends

No need to ask what’s for dinner. Couldn’t resist adding just one more photo of the tomatoes. It will be something to look back on fondly in the Winter months!


"Aiko" tomatoes




tomatoes, soya beans in the background


Oh, I just noticed, the picture has someone’s family grave in the background. (Excuse me).





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Mega spud harvest!

Three hours it took to get all the spuds out of the ground, and they only just fitted into the car! Check it out!




And here is the spudman!



Wow! Look at that beautiful garden!

what a garden!


And for a bonus picture: a one week old baby soya bean sprout. Come on little fella!

a soybean sprout




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Beetroot and silverbeet

I brought the seeds over from Australia to Japan, declaring them at quarantine at Narita. They opened the packet, checked, and carefully sealed it up again.

I sowed these directly in the field in early April and am now enjoying the harvest in June. And it’s great to be growing something I cannot buy locally at all. It is also a conversation starter with the locals. And the local bugs don’t seem to like the taste I don’t think!

silver beet

today’s harvest, 24th June

silver beet and spuds





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Pickling scallions (‘rakkyo’)

June is busy in the veggie garden. We harvested the rakkyo (scallions or shallots) that we had planted last Summer. We had a magnificent crop!  We washed them, soaked them in salt water overnight and then top and tailed them today and put them in vinegar and sugar. Take a look!

Rakkyo harvest, June 2011


Rakkyo soaking in salt water

And the finished product, June 12. They will be ready to eat from — oh no! — not for another six months!I will have to wait till December, although my pickles book recipe says you can eat them after only three months if you cannot wait.

Pickled Scallions (Rakkyo)

Just in case: The pickling recipe for 1kg of rakkyo (500grams after cutting of the tops and tails) is:
2.5 cups vinegar, 1cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1 or 2 chillies and 2 tablespoons salt. Boil these all together and let cool before putting in the jar.
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