Taiyoji Temple, Chichibu

08 Dec

This is one of the two most beautiful spots in Chichibu, Taiyoji temple in the middle of the mountains of Otaki. A little remote and so peaceful, and the priest so friendly, and his dog so naughty, or playful you could say. Watch out if you take your shoes off, the dog might run off with one and throw it over the cliff! People can come and stay overnight and he teaches meditation in the meditation hall, with its fabulous views of the mountains. He even made an outdoor rock bath for guests.

come and play!

come and play!

Taiyoji Temple main building

Taiyoji Temple main building



Enma sama

Enma sama

Apparently in Japan, if a child is naughty, their mother says that Enma-sama (scary God) will come and get them. One friend even showed me an app on their iPad where they could dial up Enma-sama in front of the child and tell him what the child had done, and Enma-sama would answer! I thought that was a bit over-doing it. Way too scary.









It seems there has been a temple here since 1313, and it was at one time especially for women, who were banned from setting foot on some of the other sacred mountains and temples. It is amazing to imagine people walking all the way up here centuries ago, in such a mountainous and forested area. It is only a stone’s throw on to Mitsumine Shrine at the top of the mountain, another great spot, but the narrow mountain road is totally overcrowded on some weekends and the first of every month when people go to buy some special charms, as it is being marketed as a “power spot”.

the walk back to the main road

the walk back to the main road

A real power spot.


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2 responses to “Taiyoji Temple, Chichibu

  1. Elle

    January 13, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    This is wonderful. Such beautiful photos and great information. Very interesting that people can stay overnight for meditation. Do you know if they allow foreigners too? If they speak any English? Thank you

  2. chichibumuse

    January 16, 2017 at 1:26 am

    Hello! The monk is very friendly and foreigners are welcome. According to another person who stayed there and wrote online, ( he speaks English.


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