Red Spider Lily!!

17 Sep

We went for a drive today over the mountains to Higashi-Chichibu-mura, a village east of Chichibu, to buy vegetables at the farmer’s market  there as they always have a great variety of local vegetables. Figs were in season as well as many types of mushrooms. The Red Spider Lilies were in bloom along the river in front of the shop and an old guy was trying to pick walnuts from a very tall walnut tree.



Red Spider Lilies

Red Spider Lilies


More Red Spider Lilies!

More Red Spider Lilies!


The Red Spider Lily!

The Red Spider Lily!

This is the brochure for the red spider lilies at Koma on the Seibu Chichibu train line. The flowers are called “higan-bana” in Japanese as they flower around the “higan” week (a Buddhist holiday or a special time to visit graves) around the autumn equinox.

On our way back from Higashi-Chichibu-mura we went past the wonderful “kogen bokujo” farm on the top of the mountain. Can you see the sign?

One last photograph……..

Chichibu Kogen Bokujo

Chichibu Kogen Bokujo



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