Japanese folk remedy for mosquito bites: hebi-ichigo

31 May

Here in Chichibu, living near bamboo forest, we get lots of mosquitos in the Summer. The neighbors put us onto this folk remedy for mosquito bites. Simply put the hebi-ichigo (literally snake-strawberries) in shochu (white liquor) and let it stand for a few weeks, until mosquito season. The hebi-ichigo are out now. They are said to be poisonous, and I noticed yesterday we had lots of monkeys go past but they didn’t eat the hebi-ichigo.

Here is the shochu, today’s hebi-ichigo in shochu, and last year’s jar.

hebiichigo in shochu

potentilla hebiichigo in shochu


hebi-ichigo in shochu

potentilla hebiichigo in shochu



potentilla hebiichigo


potentilla hebiichigo


Below is a wild raspberry, which is edible. Don’t confuse the two!

edible wild berry

edible wild berry

This Japanese home remedy works much better than anything from the pharmacy! Just dip your finger (or a tisssue) in the jar and wipe the shochu liquid on the insect bite, and forget you were bitten….

(Don’t drink the liquid.)


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