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Funny sign! Please be careful to bears.

The sign says it all. Please be careful to bears.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping a bear doesn’t come too close to our house. Last summer there was a bear in the garden of my friend’s house, only a kilometer up the road. It kept visiting the same persimmon tree quite a few evenings in a row, and made a “sofa” for itself in the branches of the tree, by putting a few branches together like a nest. Fair dinkum! The summer before there was a bear even closer. 300 meters away. It ate half the grapes in the orchard and fell asleep under the vines, where the farmer found it in the early morning. I┬áheard the farmer rushed back into his house and the bear woke up and ran away.

2015-03-17 11.51.12


This little bird is still coming to my back door everyday for crumbs, and this is it at my window.

2015-01-16 10.09.22

Bye for now! I’ll be back with my cherry blossom pictures soon.






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