Animals outside my back door!

09 Jul

This is the story of my week (the fun parts!).

Monday late at night- I’m in bed reading chick-lit by an Irish author and ignoring the very loud sounds of something crashing through the undergrowth that is outside my window. The crashing goes on and on, so finally I think I’d better check it’s not a bear,and get out of bed. I shine the torch outside and see the rear ends of two deer with fluffy white tails. I’m thrilled to bits! It’s the first time I’ve seen the deer passing, although last Summer I could hear them calling out.

Tuesday I arrive home with a load of shopping, and there is a nasty monkey sitting on top of the porch, over the front door. I race inside and upstairs, and it’s in front of the window facing away from me. He can’t see me so I suddenly bang madly on the window and he gets a fright! Then he hisses and bares his teeth at me- so rude!

Wednesday afternoon I look out the front window as I’m passing, and there go two of the animals-that-shall-not-be-named (because I’m not a zoologist!). Something like a “squirrel-gone-wrong”, or a Japanese marten, or weasel family…. Here are some obscure photos of one at the back door, eating a rice cracker.




at the back door

at the back door



Below is my neighbor’s answer to scaring the monkeys away from her Summer vegetables. It worked. The monkeys were wary……







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