Okara donuts in Ogawa-machi

16 Jun

On the way to Chichibu! In front of Ogawa-station, between Chichibu and Kawagoe, is a tofu shop which also sells scrumptuous okara donuts. Okara is the nutritious soy meal which is left after making soy milk out of soy beans. These donuts are prize winning! They came number 6 in a national sweets/snacks competition held in Ikebukuro in 2011.

okara (soy meal) donuts


healthy donuts!


“sandaime shimizuya” tofu shop, Ogawa


different types of tofu


It’s a fabulous drive over the mountains from Chichibu via Higashi Chichibu-mura to Ogawa town. The road between Higashi Chichibu-mura and Ogawa is a good road for cyclists, through lovely rural scenery.


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