02 Feb


So now you have the miso pressed down into the container, and you need to prepare it for storage.

Sterilize the inner wall of container using alcohol such as cooking sake or grandpa’s shochu liquer!


sterilize wall of container

Cover the surface of the miso with a little salt to prevent mold. Cover with cling wrap (plastic wrap) and put the inner lid on (or a plate).

cover with inner lid

Weight this down with an ‘omoshi’ stone or a plastic bag filled with three kilograms of salt.

weigh down with a bag of salt


Put the top lid on and store in a cool place for nine months or more, while it ferments. Store under the house if cool or in the refrigerator. This is essential to prevent mold. With proper sterilization and cool storage it shouldn’t grow a lot of mold. Traditionally in Japan people would mix mold in if it was just a little mold and of a reasonable colour (not red for example) or scrape it off. Probably better to scrape it off.

Please use your discretion.



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