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Jomon period cave in Chichibu

It’s not really a spot for visiting, given the danger getting there, but we do boast a cave which apparently was occupied during the Jomon Period in Japan, (a long time BC), and contains confirmed remnants of game animals that are still common in Otaki, Chichibu, including boar, deer, bear and other cuddlies.

Jomon period cave, Chichibu


view looking up from outside cave


view from near the cave



cave explanation!

I’ll tell you what it says later!

Stay tuned!



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Chichibu Muse Park

Now the mystery is revealed! Here is the Chichibu Muse Park. A fabulous park with a playground with several really long slides for children, and the best swimming pool around is open in mid-July and August. It also has a music conservatorium, and of course replica of the Parthenon and other Greek oddities! Here are the Chichibu muses!

Chichibu Muse Park muses chichibu muses and choo choo train


chichibu muse



Parthenon at Chichibu Muse Park!


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Gingko trees at the Muse Park

November in Japan is for Gingko. The Muse Park has an avenue of Gingko trees which turn golden at this time of the year. You can pick up the nuts, wash the skins off, (wearing gloves- they can irritate the skin), and then roast the nuts in a frypan and crack them open to find the fruit inside. Yummy!

Gingko nuts


Gingko avenue at Muse Park


Chichibu city seen from Muse Park