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Ode to Lily

It’s July in Japan and what a wonderful time for lilies to bloom. They appear here and there all along the sides of
the roads in the wild untouched or untended parts.



These ones were in front of the Yatsugawakan hotel on the Yatsugawa-river, up the road from Shiroku station.


Happy birthday Lily



The scent is lovely too!





Lotus garden in Arakawa, Chichibu

The lotus are just beginning to flower in Arakawa, Chichibu, behind Arakawa Michi-no-eki. My favourite variety is the one that has a sign saying it is a ‘misesu-surokambu’. I always assumed it was named after Mrs. Slocombe in Are You Being Served!

Mrs Slocum

Unfortunately this is not the case. It is a variety created by a Mrs. Perry Slocum in the US, a cross between a yellow and a red lotus. But it will always be Mrs. Slocombe to me!


lotus, Arakawa Chichibu


The garden is also home to fireflies which you can see after dark for a brief period at the end of June and beginning of July.

lotus garden, Arakawa, Chichibu





Move over south of France! Chichibu has sunflowers too! These are near my veggie patch. (that’s not my house)

(I’ve just been looking at photos of the Tour de France which is in progress!)

sunflowers in chichibu








Pickled beetroot, tomatoes, sunflowers

By overwhelming demand, I bring you a photo of Chichibu’s first pastel pink pickled beetroot. The pastel colour was achieved by mixing Heirlom with Bull’s Blood.

pastel pink beetroot with friends

No need to ask what’s for dinner. Couldn’t resist adding just one more photo of the tomatoes. It will be something to look back on fondly in the Winter months!


"Aiko" tomatoes




tomatoes, soya beans in the background


Oh, I just noticed, the picture has someone’s family grave in the background. (Excuse me).





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