Flower photos April and May (Spring in Japan)

22 Jun

blossomscherry blossoms in April

So many flowers, so little time! These are just the tip of the iceberg. Spring is a great time to visit Chichibu, if you are not allergic to all that cedar pollen that puffs off the trees, causing some people to ring the fire brigade as they mistake it for a forest fire! I walk everyday in my neighborhood, and these are just some of the views.

First of all, the field of phlox that draws tens of thousands of visitors to Chichibu in May!

Phlox at Hitsujiyama Park, ChichibuPhlox

Personally I don’t like the crowds, but the scent of the Phlox was lovely.

More Phlox (Shibazakura in Japanese)

 And now for my favourites, some of the flowers in my neighborhood.

April is for wild Japanese rose or Yamabuki. There is a pencil color named after this!

wild Japanese rose (yamabuki)Cherry blossoms on 24th April Blossoms and azalea

Azalea (yama tsutsuji)




Wisteria in May

There were so many more, but I will have to work on them next Spring.



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